June 22nd, 2021

GiS Semifinalist Spotlight: Part 1

This year, we honored more outstanding Genes in Space contestants than ever before, naming 15 Semifinalists in addition to our Finalists, Honorable Mentions, and Junior Scientist Awardees. Over the coming days, we invite you to join us as we celebrate these talented awardees in our GiS Spotlight series.

Meet our first group of Semifinalists in the YouTube playlist below. All of these featured projects aimed to help us understand the changes in immune health that astronauts face. Use the skip track icons to navigate through the playlist.

Track 1: Vaccine development in space (Leyla Carson, Lela Tu, Andreas Vavasis & Kamilah Khan from Arts and Letters 305 United in Brooklyn, NY)

Track 2: Microgravity-induced changes in macrophage polarization (Riley Rane, Reva Agrawal & Jibiana Jakpor from miRcore in Ann Arbor, MI)

Track 3: Space-induced immune dysregulation and the thymus (Sneha Jaiswal & Zoe Shleifer from Milton Academy in Milton, MA)

Track 4: Microbiome-immune system interactions in spacefarers (Peter Goswami from Stuyvesant High School in New York, NY)