December 5th, 2023

Video: Watch our 2023 Finalist Presentations

In August, our five finalist teams traveled to the International Space Station Research & Development Conference in Seattle, WA to present their DNA experiment proposals to a panel of judges. These students prepared for months with their Genes in Space Mentors to turn their ideas into polished talks. Watch the videos below!

Ananth Jagannath

From: Sunnyvale, CA

Topic: Microgravity Effects on Metamorphic Protein Structure

Manasi Vegesna

From: Chandler, AZ

Topic: Assessing the effects of space conditions upon immune system central tolerance in murine thymi

Isabel Jiang

From: Hillsborough, CA

Topic: Detection and Treatment of LINE1 Retrotransposon Activation in Space

Charlene Chen

From: St. James, NY

Topic: Development of a Dual Fluorescent-Colorimetric DNA Aptasensor Against Oxidative DNA Damage in Urine

Christina Rasa & Kenny Koch

From: North East, MD

Topic: Using Nano-thylakoid Units to Reverse the Effects of Osteoarthritis in Mice Living on the ISS