November 29th, 2023

Photos: Highlights from Space Bio Camp Fall 2023

Last week, our 2023 Genes in Space winner Isabel Jiang traveled to Boston to participate in Space Biology Camp. At Space Biology Camp, Genes in Space winners carry out their winning experiment on the ground to help troubleshoot the procedure ahead of its launch to the ISS. The team was joined by mentor Aleks Radakovic from Harvard University, and reunited with a number of Boeing-based Genes in Space team members including Kevin Foley, and Scott Copeland.

On Friday, the team traveled to the headquarters of one of our other sponsors, New England Biolabs® where Isabel presented information about her experiment and recorded an episode of a podcast. Follow her Space Bio Camp journey below:

IMG_4778.jpg Isabel touring the Jain lab at MIT with Genes in Space mentor Michael Richard Das

Camp started off with a visit to the MIT campus and a tour of the Jain lab from MIT graduate student and current Genes in Space mentor, Michael Das. Michael showed the team the work his lab was doing, and allowed Isabel to view some cell samples using fluorescence microscopy.

Later that afternoon, the group came to the miniPCR headquarters and met up with lead research scientist Dr. Ally Huang to perform a test run of Isabel's experiment. They were joined by Boeing's Genes in Space cofounders Scott Copeland and Kevin Foley. While it will take some time to iron-out the procedural details of this year's experiment, it's shaping up to be an exciting investigation on track for a launch in summer, 2024.


Isabel pilots her experimental procedure for the first time

On day 2, the team traveled to New England Biolabs® for an immersive day of tours, talks, and more! Isabel presented her research to a group of NEB employees, toured the lab of 2023 Genes in Space judge Lana Saleh, and even appeared on an episode of the NEB podcast.


Isabel Presents her experimental procedure to NEB employees in a morning seminar

A big thanks to the Genes in Space teams at miniPCR, Boeing, and New England Biolabs for all of the work they did to support this year's Space Biology Camp. Check out more photos from Isabel's trip below: