June 10th, 2024

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2024 Honorable Mention Recipients

Let's give another round of applause to our 2024 Honorable Mention award recipients!

When students are named Semifinalists in the Genes in Space competition, they are asked to submit short, minute-long video summaries outlining their ideas and experimental plans. We proudly present the ten Honorable Mention award-winning presentations that captured our attention with their ingenuity and originality.

Tsz Hang Ko and Ronald Chen - Group Photo cropped.jpg Ronald Chen (left) and Tsz Hang Ko (right)

Ronald Chen (17) & Tsz Hang Ko (16) from Stuyvesant High School in New York, NY

Topic: Exercise as a countermeasure for insulin resistance in space

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Tanvi G Semifinalist 2024 cropped.jpg Tanvi Gawande

Tanvi Gawande (16) from Eastside High School in Gainsville, FL

Topic: Chemically modified molecular aptamer beacon biosensor to monitor the immune health of astronauts in space

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JiyaRai cropped.JPG Jiya Rai

Jiya Rai (17) from Solon High School in Solon, OH

Topic: Microglial inflammation: 17β-Estradiol sex-related role and possible solution in space.

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Luna Joo and Kim Huynh cropped.jpg Kim Huynh (left) & Luna Joo (right)

Kim Huynh (16) & Luna Joo (16) from Fairmont Preparatory Academy in Anaheim, CA

Topic: Potential relationship between microgravity and interleukin 6-STAT-3 pathway in stored liver iron proteins

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Sneha Goswani Semifinalist 2024 cropped.jpg Sneha Goswani

Sneha Goswami (17) from Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School in Sudbury, MA

Topic: Does microgravity induce changes in amyloid precursor protein gene expression?

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Elizabeth Ben Semifinalist 2024 cropped.jpeg Elizabeth Ben

Elizabeth Ben (14) from The Pierrepont School in Westport, CT

Topic: Monitoring PFOA Levels in Astronauts Aboard the ISS using an Aptamer-based Fluorescence Sensor.

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Elliana and Raphael Semifinalists 2024 Cropped.jpeg Raphael Aca (left) & Elliana Mathews (right)

Raphael Aca (17) & Elliana Mathews (16) from Cherokee High School in Canton, GA

Topic: Investigation on irregular methylation patterns during fetal development in space

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Fiona_Janhavi_GiS_2024.jpg Fiona Samson (left) & Janhavi Tonge (right)

Fiona Samson (18) & Janhavi Tonge (18) from Troy High School in Troy, MI

Topic: Targeting Mitochondrial Dynamics for Mitigating Spaceflight-Induced Neurodegeneration

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Blake and Anisha Cropped.png Anisha Pandey (left) and Blake Brown (right)

Anisha Pandey (16) & Blake Brown (18) from Fort Worth Country Day in Fort Worth, TX

Topic: The Impact of MHC Pathway & Lipid Metabolism Genes on T-Cell Differentiation in Microgravity

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Amy Sooraj and Eva Semifinalists cropped.JPG Amy Sooraj (left) & Eva Russo (right)

Amy Sooraj (17) & Eva Russo (16) from The Bronx School of Science in New York, NY

Topic: Epigenetic alterations to the connexin-43 protein in mediating ependymal cell communication in space

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