September 30th, 2022

Video: Watch our 2022 Finalist Presentations

When our Finalists present their ideas to our panel of judges at the ISS Research & Development Conference, only a few lucky conference attendees get to watch the proceedings... until now! We have published videos of our 2022 Finalists on YouTube for all to enjoy — and to learn from. Check them out below.

Xina Wang, Harsha Rajkumar & Rohit Suresh

From Pleasanton, CA

Topic: Evaluating Plant Health in Space via the Soil Microbiome

Vedant Karalkar

From Gainesville, GA

Topic: Using a Biosensor to Monitor Environmental Stress in Space-Grown Plants

Annika Marschner, Nikol Miojevic & Benjamin Armstead

From Ithaca, NY

Topic: Effect of Spaceflight on Neuronal Development

Pristine Onuoha

From Chapel Hill, NC

Topic: Role of Stem Cells in Spaceflight Telomere Dynamics

Madhav Gulati & Vineeth Sendilraj

From Suwanee, GA

Topic: Detecting Risk of Alzheimer's Disease in Space Travelers