August 18th, 2016

Video: Genes in Space presentation at ISS R&D Conference

Genes in Space: A National STEM Competition Launching DNA Experiments to the ISS

This video was captured during Day 3 of the International Space Station R&D Conference plenary session. Speakers include:

  • Scott Copeland (min 0:00), Boeing, Genes in Space co-creator
  • Ezequiel (Zeke) Alvarez Saavedra PhD (min 9:20), miniPCR, Genes in Space co-creator
  • Anna-Sophia Boguraev (min 15:45), 2015 Genes in Space winner

Scott walks us through the history of the Genes in Space competition. Zeke introduces the miniPCR technology now aboard the International Space Station. Finally, Anna-Sophia shares results from the first-ever PCR experiment in space, that she designed to explore epigenetic changes that may affect the immune system of astronauts.

Enjoy these inspiring presentations!