March 19th, 2020

A step-by-step guide to submitting your proposal

Want to submit a Genes in Space proposal but not sure where to begin? Our step-by-step guide will start your engine and have you ready to submit in just 5 days:

DAY 1: Get the lay of the land
Get up to speed on contest basics. Download our sample application form and check out our judging criteria to learn what makes a proposal stand out.

DAY 2: Get inspired
Space presents countless challenges and opportunities to space travelers. Which one will you explore? Learn about current space biology research in our video series. 

DAY 3: Biotechnology basics
Your experiment has to make use of PCR, so make sure you understand this essential laboratory technique. Watch our PCR video to learn the basics, and decide how you'll incorporate PCR into your proposal.

DAY 4: Research and write
Get started drafting your proposal, either individually or in a team of up to 4. Suffering from writer's block? Our blog offers tips on turning your idea into a submission and writing a flawless application.

DAY 5: Share your idea!

Put the finishing touches on your proposal and submit it here. With one simple click, you've left your mark on the course of human space exploration. Good luck!