February 18th, 2022

New resources for contestants!

Are you spinning your wheels trying to work on your Genes in Space proposal? We've got your back. We've added these all-new resources to help you get your submission off the ground.

  • Example applications (under "Preparing Your Submission" menu): We've published four award-winning applications submitted by real contestants. Proposals span middle school and high school, and make use of the Genes in Space toolkit in all different ways. If you're in need of inspiration, or need to see how toolkit items can be put to use, start here.
  • Toolkit quiz: Mastering the Genes in Space toolkit can be challenging. After you've studied up on the tools, but before you put pen to paper, test your knowledge of the toolkit with this auto-graded quiz that provides you with instant feedback.

And don't forget to make use of the rest of our student resource library!