March 12th, 2019

Lab in a Box update: recent loans in Colorado and Indiana

The Lab in a Box biotechnology loaner program is nearing the end of its second year. We have now shipped loans to 20 schools in 18 states across the country and plan to make another 5 loans before the end of this school year. If you are interested in receiving a loan next year, you can add yourself to our waiting list HERE

We would like to share with you photos and stories from two schools that have recently received loans:


Yuma High School, Yuma, Colorado 

Students in Ms. Amy Melby's Advanced Applications in STEM course had the opportunity to participate in the Lab in a Box loan program in January. Ms. Melby aimed to enhance her biotechnology unit with a hands on lab. "There is a huge difference between reading about techniques and actually conducting them." Ms. Melby wrote, "Everything worked as planned and my students had a great time!" Ms. Melby's students definitely seem to be having fun in the photos below:


Clay High School, South Bend, Indiana 

In February, Ms. Sarah Torzewski's AP Biology students received a Lab in a Box loan. Ms. Torzewski requested a loan in order to give her students their first hands-on experience with PCR technology. "I want them to be comfortable in college labs in addition to college classrooms." said Ms. Torzewski. Despite some initial shipping delays due to bad weather, Ms. Torzewski's students were able to complete the Lab in a Box curriculum successfully. Check out the photos of the students and their excellent results below: 

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