January 25th, 2022

Alumni spotlight: Abi Parthasarathy

While carrying out research on the ISS means conducting groundbreaking science, our proudest achievement is in working with the bright and curious students who participate in our program. Today, we're spotlighting Genes in Space 2019 finalist Abi Parthasarathy.

Abi Parthasarathy 2021.jpg GiS-7 alum Abi Parthasarathy

Current role: Sophomore majoring in bioengineering at Rice University

Career goal: "I hope to eventually be a bioengineer at NASA and help astronauts stay safe during long-distance space travel."

What is your favorite Genes in Space memory? "I will always remember the first smiles and laughs I received during my final Genes in Space presentation as my most motivating scientific moment. The positivity and encouragement I got from the astronauts, scientists, and mentors I respect and admire truly inspires me to pursue the fields of space biology and bioengineering."